Oklahoma Required Car Insurance Coverage

Oklahoma state flagMotorists in the Sooner State are required to remain financially responsible at all times while behind the wheel of an automobile. There are a number of ways that drivers can comply with this requirement that include depositing a particular amount of money with the state or purchasing a car insurance policy. If motorists choose to make a deposit with the state, the amount that would be needed is $75,000. Given the fact that the state requires such a large sum to be deposited, not many residents are in the position to fork over that kind of money and will have to go the route of purchasing automobile policies to comply with the law.

When buying an Oklahoma auto insurance policy there are a few details that must be met to be considered legally insured. First and foremost, any policies issued must come from a carrier that is licensed to sell coverage in the state. Also, a policy must meet certain limits of liability that include $25,000 for bodily injury to one person per accident, $50,000 for bodily injury of two or more people per accident and $25,000 for property damage per accident. Motorists should ensure that any policies being purchased meet this minimum limits and that the carrier and/or agent is in fact licensed to provide coverage in OK.

Additional Info Regarding OK Auto Insurance Laws

In 2005, the state began developing an online verification system that went into effect in 2009. This system allows officials at the DMV to verify that a vehicle is covered at the time a motorist goes to register an automobile. In 2010, law enforcement officers were given access to the database, which allows them to verify if a vehicle is insured during traffic stops. If a traffic officer becomes aware that a motorist is operating without proper coverage it can become quite costly for the vehicle owner for a number of reasons.

If caught and convicted of driving an automobile without a policy in place the offender is likely to face a fine of $250 and have their driver’s license suspended. The suspension can be lifted only after the fine has been paid and proof of coverage is submitted. Additionally, if a motorist is issued a citation for driving uninsured, the law enforcement officer is allowed to have the vehicle towed, which will only add to the cost of being caught. To avoid taking the risk of driving without a policy, motorists may want refer to the website of the Oklahoma insurance commissioner which provides helpful tips to purchasing coverage, understanding protection and how to reduce premiums.

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