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Auto insurance providers in Washington DC are monitored by the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB), but individual companies can still offer vehicle coverage with varying prices and quality of service. It is a motorist’s responsibility to shop around for adequately priced vehicle protection that comes from a reputable and attentive insurer. All motorists in the District of Columbia must be adequately insured to apply for automobile registration, with lapses in coverage subject to potential fines and other penalties. Luckily for residents there are various online tools that can help drivers efficiently shop for vehicle protection, and evaluate the levels of customer service provided by individual insurers.

Prices offered by individual insurers in the District of Columbia are frequently unique because companies often employ different rating techniques. Comparing quotes can allow motorists to find DC car insurance at an adequate price because it provides numerous options. One of the more efficient ways to evaluate rates is to shop online for pricing information. Dozens of quotes can be amassed on one website for efficient comparisons, but before making a purchase, residents should extend their research to include both the quality of service and the financial stability of individual insurers. Much of this information can also be found online with minimal effort, and can lead to greater customer satisfaction after a purchase.

DC Auto Insurance Company Rating Techniques

An insurer’s ability to efficiently handle claims and interact with customers is essential after an accident. If a particular company is adequately priced but difficult to contact and slow to act, their services may not be worth any additional savings. Appraising the quality of an insurer is an important step when shopping for vehicle coverage, which can also be completed with the assistance of the Internet. The DISB receives and catalogues hundreds of coverage related complaints annually, and publishes them online in the form of Insurance Consumer Complaint Ratio Reports for public viewing. With this information, a motorist could determine the number of justifiable grievances that various insurers received in a given year in comparison to their total number of customers.

The financial strength of an insurer can be an equally important quality for motorists to rate before purchasing a policy. No company is entirely exempt from financial ruin, and few motorists wish to buy vehicle coverage from an insurer on the verge of bankruptcy. Exploring the investment history and economic strength of a coverage provider can be done by utilizing an online Consumer Information Source (CIS) provided by the DISB and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Viewing the CIS available online can help residents accurately rate insurers by providing detailed financial information about numerous companies licensed to sell coverage in the District of Columbia.

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