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Financial responsibility is an important part of being a motorist in Idaho. Vehicle owners are required to purchase liability insurance to cover at-fault damages, and driving while uninsured can result in serious consequences. If a motorist is caught driving without adequate proof of coverage, they may face a number of fines and the possibility of a suspended license. To have a license reinstated, the offending driver must pay their fees and file an SR22 certificate. These consequences can be easily avoided by shopping around for the lowest rates and purchasing a policy before getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

To be considered financial responsible, a motorist must purchase Idaho automobile insurance that includes bodily injury and property damage liability with limits of at least 25/50/15. To prove that this coverage has been purchased, drivers must carry either an insurance card or binder within their vehicle at all times that lists essential information about their policy. Owning the minimum amount of liability coverage can allow drivers to avoid consequences for driving while uninsured, but motorists should consider purchasing either additional coverage or higher limits be to better prepared for an accident. Residents can efficiently shop around online for adequately priced coverage by making multiple quote comparisons.

Driving Without Proof of Auto Insurance in Idaho

Operating a motor vehicle in the Gem State without sufficient proof of insurance could lead to a number of consequences. According to Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility statutes, those convicted of driving while uninsured can be fined $75.00 for the first offense, but a second and any subsequent convictions within a five year period may be considered a misdemeanor. This misdemeanor could be punishable with a fine up to $1,000 or a six month jail sentence. If a motorist’s license is suspended for driving while uninsured, there are several steps that must be taken to have the license reinstated. A convicted motorist must first pay a reinstatement fee that can range from $25 to $285 depending on the nature of the suspension.

To have a license reinstated, Idaho motorists must also file an SR22 certificate for three years with the ID Transportation Department. This document states that the motorist in question has purchased vehicle coverage that meets Idaho minimum financial responsibility requirements. Because motorists with suspended licenses are often considered high risk drivers, offending motorists may have difficulty finding inexpensive vehicle coverage. If unable to obtain a policy by shopping around, motorists can often take advantage of the Idaho assigned risk plan. This program assigns a motorist to a specific insurer so they can have their driving privileges returned. However, because these plans are generally more expensive than the average policy, motorists are encouraged to shop around and purchase an adequately priced plan when possible.


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