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Shopping for auto insurance can be very similar to shopping for other products, but a number of personal details must be relayed before a motorist can be given an accurate quote. This is generally because automobile coverage is largely based on a driver’s claim risk, and individual motorists may be more or less likely to file claims than others, based on a wide range of statistical evidence. To determine a driver’s risk, insurers usually examine various personal details that can impact their chances of being involved in an accident. When shopping for quotes, West Virginia motorists should relay truthful information to avoid inaccurate estimates, but avoid giving personally sensitive details that may not be entirely necessary.

Comparing estimates is an essential part of shopping for West Virginia auto insurance because of the price differences that commonly exist between insurers. Exploring multiple options can often allow motorists to find vehicle coverage at an adequate price, but while shopping it is important to relay accurate information. Insurers commonly require motorists to give several important details, such as age, location and accident history to give a precise quote. These details are important because statistically they can have a considerable impact on a motorist’s risk of filing a claim. For example, in WV drivers under 20 years of age were involved in over 50 of the 350 fatal crashes that took place in 2009, and statistically have a greater chance of speeding, driving while under the influence and driving without a seat belt.

Necessary Personal Info for WV Auto Insurance

Personal information that does not pertain to age or gender can also influence a person’s likelihood of filing a claim, and consequently, their auto insurance premium. Accurate details about a motorist’s location and driving habits are also necessary to gather precise quotes. For example, information listed in the West Virginia Department of Transportation 2003 Crash Data indicates that considerably more accidents took place on the state highway system then on city streets. In 2003 there were more accidents on Interstate 64 than any other interstate, which may have an impact on the rates of people that commonly commute using this route.

Although a wealth of information is necessary to produce accurate quotes from insurers, there are some details that are not essential to see an estimate. Sample rates can be gathered at no cost, meaning there is generally no reason for insurers or other businesses to require credit card information to see an estimate. Additionally, residents should be wary of companies that require drivers to relay their social security or driver’s license numbers. Requiring these personally sensitive details is often a sign of fraudulent activity, and motorists are encouraged to look elsewhere for pricing information. Shopping for quotes can be a simple and efficient process for West Virginia motorists who use accurate info and avoid relaying unnecessary details.


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