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Washington motorists have the option of meeting the state’s minimum liability requirements with a certificate of deposit or liability bond, but purchasing automobile coverage can be a cost effective way to of maintaining financial responsibility while behind-the-wheel. Car insurance can usually be bought through smaller installments, which can conveniently distribute the overall price of a policy. To help cut costs and potentially reduce policy payments, motorists can take advantage various discounts. Although insurers often provide a wide range of special offers, there are several savings that are required by state law for motorists who meet specific requirements. Additionally, altering an existing policy or adjusting how a motorist pays for a plan can make an impact on the overall price of a policy.

Coverage providers in the Evergreen State offer discounts and reduced rates for a number of reasons. Residents can often get cheaper Washington car insurance for maintaining a clean driving record or for insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy. Although insurers can offer their own special savings, some discounts are required by state law. Seniors who take a state approved collision prevention course can present their insurer with a certificate of completion to receive a rate reduction, and younger motorists who have completed a driver’s education course may also qualify for additional savings. For residents who are already insured, these discounts can usually be applied at the time of renewal.

Lower Payments for WA Auto Insurance

When purchasing a new policy or renewing an existing one, adjustments can be made to the amount of coverage being purchased that may result in lower monthly payments. Omitting redundant or unnecessary coverage from a policy can often make a noticeable impact on a motorist’s premium. For example, a vehicle owner with adequate health insurance may find it unnecessary to include medical payment coverage. Additionally, drivers with lower valued automobiles may be able to leave out comprehensive and collision coverage. Many drivers may be better protected by choosing to include Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) instead, because PIP is designed to cover various medical expenses, wage losses and funeral expenses.

Motorists that do not have the option of omitting comprehensive and collision coverage because it is required by a lender, might still have the option of adjusting their deductible. Choosing a higher deductible can often translate into lower coverage costs, though the policyholder may end up paying more out-of-pocket after an accident. Washington motorists way also want to consider choosing a payment cycle other than monthly. Installments are often accompanied by billing fees that can sometimes be as high as $10 a month. Making quarterly installments or paying for a policy in full can often result in fewer fees and an overall lower coverage cost.


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