New Mexico Auto Insurance Payment Methods

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In New Mexico, motorists are expected to maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance while behind-the-wheel. Although driving while uninsured is not an option for many residents, motorists still have the ability to choose their insurer, as well as their payment method. How a motorist pays for their vehicle coverage can often impact the overall price of a policy, in addition to the upfront costs.

There are many different New Mexico auto insurance companies to choose from, and many offer policy payment methods that may be unique. Most commonly, drivers have the option of paying for a plan on a monthly or quarterly basis, or entirely upfront when the policy is purchased. Each method has its own advantages, and motorists are encouraged to consider all of the possibilities before settling on a single method.

When a New Mexico motorist pays for auto insurance on a monthly basis, they are distributing the overall price of a policy across the entire term. This can often make vehicle coverage more affordable for many people, but may also lead to a higher overall policy price. When a motorist makes an installment, it is usually accompanied by a billing or processing fee. This fee can sometimes be as high as $10.00 a month. Although initially a small sum, these additional fees can add up over time.

Additional Payment Options for NM Auto Insurance

To reduce the number of billing fees that a motorist must pay, drivers are encouraged to consider choosing a quarterly or six month billing cycle. Although these installments are likely to be larger, they will also be less frequent. Less transaction fees can result in a lower overall cost, and fewer bills can usually translate into a decreased number of opportunities for late payments.

If an installment is late or missed, there is a good chance that the motorist’s policy will be canceled, resulting in a lapse in coverage. According to the New Mexico Driver Manual if a motorist is caught driving without adequate coverage, they may have to appear in court. This could result in consequences ranging from fines to possible license suspension. To help prevent this from happening, many insurance companies offer an automatic bill-pay system, which routinely deducts installments from a predetermined bank account. Additionally, using these systems may result in an additional discount.

Another viable option for many motorists in the Land of Enchantment is to pay for a policy in full. Although this results in a higher upfront cost, the overall price of a policy is likely to be cheaper. Many coverage providers also offer discounts to motorists who choose this payment method.


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