Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers – Useful Strategies

Youthful driver in vehicleThese strategies help young American drivers get cheap car insurance by taking advantage of eligible discounts and by learning methods of finding the right company who will offer cheaper rates to the less-experienced youth.

When a youthful driver is looking to get insured, they often turn to their parent’s policy assuming that they will benefit from "multi-car" discounts and offsets in price from other included drivers who have more driving experience. This strategy is one to be considered; however, it’s not always the cheaper way to go because other vehicle premiums may be impacted by the addition because often a carrier will assign the highest risk driver to the highest risk vehicle even though that’s not the one they drive. In other words, a parent’s more valuable vehicle may be paired with the young driver to determine the rate.

To determine if it’s a good choice, parents can contact their current insurer to get a no obligation quote for adding the additional driver. Take note of the total premium prior to any changes and compare it to the total increase after the addition. Be sure look at the total price difference of the policy since a common mistake is to only look at the premium of the vehicle being driven by the youth and not other vehicle’s rates which may also be affected.

Another option is for a young driver to go "solo" and purchase their own policy. This is where the strategy comes into play to ensure the cheapest rates possible.

Finding the right Auto Insurance Company for Young People

There are companies out there which offer affordable auto insurance to drivers who are young and inexperienced, but how do you find them? – By comparing quotes from multiple companies! Here’s why: You may hear a parent say that their child got a great rate from a certain company, but when you went to get a quote, it wasn’t the case. This is because there are many factors used to determine rates such as zip code, driving record and much more. Everyone is unique and will most likely be offered cheap car insurance from a different carrier.

Get multiple quotes at the same time to complete a rate comparison:

The Internet is a great way to get multiple auto insurance quotes at the same time in order to see which company will offer that young driver reasonable prices. By answering one set of questions, lets drivers compare quotes online from top companies such as Progressive, AIG, GMAC, Infinity and many other industry leaders.

In order for young drivers to get the cheapest rates possible:

  • Ask for a discounts if
    • commute to work or school is short
    • school grades average "B" or better
    • the youth has had prior insurance coverage with another carrier within the last 30 days
  • Consider higher deductibles when adding physical coverage to a vehicle
  • Avoid unnecessary coverage such as "collision" if the vehicle’s value is insignificant
  • Take a look at this video for ways to cut down auto insurance costs:
  • Read related articles such as: Affordable Auto Insurance for Teens
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2 Responses to Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers – Useful Strategies

  1. Insurance Blogger says:

    Interesting post! In the UK young drivers can purchase reasonably priced car insurance if they own a car with an engine size under 1000cc.
    The UK has insurance groups for cars determined by their engine capacity. The higher the group the more prohibitive the premium for young drivers. Lancaster Insurance specialises in cheap car insurance for young drivers –

  2. Mohamed Datoo says:

    Great post and information on how young drivers can get tips on getting cheap insurance. As an insurance agent, I always tell my clients who are young motorists to make sure they keep good grades, drive less, avoid wreckless driving, and everything will fall into place as they grow older when they apply for car insurance. Thanks for your insight and knowledge.

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