Cheap Auto Insurance Rates even with a DUI

Driving Under the InfluenceHaving a DUI or Driving Under the Influence can certainly affect one’s auto insurance rates. DUI’s are expensive as it is so it is important to search for the cheapest rates possible so that it will not become financially draining.

Most likely, having a DUI will require one to obtain an SR-22 filing which provides proof of an active insurance policy to the Department of Vehicles. Don’t be discouraged, SR-22’s are quite inexpensive, usually ranging from $0 – 25 per year; however, in order to obtain an SR-22, you need to have at least the minimum state coverage requirements.

Often, states require a minimum of liability coverage which provides coverage to third parties. Whatever the coverage requirements are, the best way to ensure a cheap auto insurance rate is to compare quotes from multiple companies. You will find some insurers quoting outrageous amounts and others will quote reasonable rates. This is because the rates within companies can vary widely depending on their guidelines.

Completing a rate comparison lets you see the ranges in price and helps you find the cheapest rates. An easy way of completing a price comparison is to visit sites like where one can complete one single form and instantly obtain rates from leading carriers. This saves time because you don’t have to contact companies individually.

There are two types of carriers out there; standard and non-standard. A standard classified insurer will generally provide better rates for those with clean driving records and may not offer competitive rates for those with DUI and related violations. Non-standard carriers, in the other hand, sometimes specialize in the higher risk drivers (those with not-so-good driving records) and are the best carriers to obtain quotes from. helps consumers find the right carrier whether they have tickets or not. With a variety of carriers, one can compare standard and non-standard carriers to ensure cheap auto insurance rates.

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  1. Sheryl Jackson Swamson says:

    I have unpaid tickets in I accident
    I’m on SDI so my pay is limiters.My name is
    Sheryl Swanson

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