Unlicensed Teenagers with Auto Insurance

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All motorists need to be licensed to legally drive, and in many states, drivers need to be adequately insured to get a license. Teenagers with hopes of becoming licensed drivers are often required to search for a company that is willing to provide vehicle coverage before they can become full-fledged motorists. However, finding affordable auto protection as an unlicensed teen may require some extra research. When insurers rate and underwrite motorists, they usually take accident risk into consideration. If a driver demonstrates an increased risk of filing a claim, they are likely to encounter higher premiums.

Being a young and inexperienced driver is often interpreted as also having a high accident risk. For this reason auto insurance for teenagers is usually more expensive than the average policy. Coverage providers determine risk by exploring an extensive amount of information, which includes accident statistics. Unfortunately, motorists under the age of 25 are involved in more accidents than any other age group, and have repeatedly demonstrated a tendency to take unnecessary risks while behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there are ways for younger drivers to decrease their level of risk, and online resources to help compare many quotes from multiple insurers. Unlicensed teens and other riskier drivers can utilize these resources to meet state coverage requirements and eventually obtain full driving privileges.

Alternative Auto Insurance Options for Unlicensed Teens

The World Wide Web can provide young, unlicensed motorists with the tools necessary to efficiently shop around. Insurers usually interpret risk differently, and some companies find it financially beneficial to insure nonstandard drivers. To find an affordable option, teens are encouraged to shop around online and amass estimates from as many sources as possible.

One popular option for younger drivers on the verge of becoming fully licensed motorists is to join the policy of a parent or guardian. Often choosing this option can provide youthful motorists with the vehicle coverage necessary to become licensed, and is usually one of the more affordable choices. Policyholder’s should keep in mind, however, that when a high-risk motorist is added to a policy, there is a good chance that the premiums of all motor vehicles on the same plan will likely increase as well. Luckily, there are ways for teens to help cut coverage costs.

To become better prepared for the open road, and to help reduce their accident risk, younger motorists are encouraged to enroll in a Teen Driver Education Program that has been approved by the state. These classes and tutorials are designed to help youthful motorists improve their driving skills, and often include special insurance discounts that can help cut coverage costs.

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