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Operating a motor vehicle in Wyoming comes with the responsibility of maintaining auto insurance to pay for damages that the policyholder may be responsible for. Driving without first meeting the state’s financial responsibility requirements can lead to a motorist’s license being suspended, and in most situations vehicle coverage is required to have a license reinstated. To reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road, State Legislature enacted legislation that required motorists to be registered with an online liability insurance verification program. To avoid a variety of potential consequences and retain driving privileges, vehicle owners in the Equality State should shop around for an adequately priced policy that includes a sufficient amount of coverage.

Because of WY financial responsibility requirements, it is illegal for residents to operate a motor vehicle without first purchasing Wyoming car insurance that includes liability coverage with specific minimum limits. If a motorist is convicted of driving without meeting these requirements, they will receive a compulsory insurance suspension. With this suspension a motorist’s driving privileges are taken away until they are able to prove that an adequate amount of coverage has been purchased, with the possibility of various reinstatement fees. Generally this proof is demonstrated in the form of an SR-22. Additional license suspensions may also be given to drivers who are involved in accidents and unable to provide adequate proof of coverage.

Obtaining the Necessary WY Car Insurance

The SR-22 form which is generally required to have a suspended license returned, and is a document that is typically obtained from insurers licensed to sell coverage in the Equality State. This form demonstrates that the state’s financial responsibility requirements have been met, and often motorists are required to maintain this coverage for at least three years from the date that the SR-22 was filed. With the assistance of the State of Wyoming Financial Responsibility Verification Program (FRVP) insurers can quickly alert the state Department of Transportation if a motorist cancel’s their coverage. To avoid the various consequences that come with driving while uninsured, residents should shop around and purchase vehicle coverage instead of being forced to file an SR-22.

Motorists can efficiently shop for vehicle coverage by using various resources online. These tools can allow drivers to examine dozens of quotes in one location, often making it easier to identify affordable plans than calling numerous insurers individually. Making the effort to shop around and purchase a policy that meets Wyoming financial responsibility requirements can help drivers avoid having to pay the extra costs commonly associated with obtaining an SR-22. If a motorist is convicted of driving while uninsured, many insurers may charge more for coverage because of the increased risk commonly associated with insuring a motorist with a non-standard driving record.


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