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When searching for automobile insurance in the Palmetto State residents may quickly realize that policies come at a wide variety of prices for many different reasons. Coverage providers typically determine rates by looking at a variety of characteristics, but one of the most important contributing factors is a motorist’s driving record. Oftentimes insurers will look at a person’s claims history, as well as statistics surrounding various other details to determine an overall risk-factor, or likelihood of filing a claim in the near future. Those that who are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident or file a claim may consequently experience higher rates, or may have a harder time locating coverage. To avoid becoming a high-risk driver, residents are encouraged to not only become familiar with the various ways that an individual enters this category, but to also locate an affordable policy when considered a high-risk motorist.

An SC motorist that has been involved in multiple accidents or filed multiple claims in a short period of time is likely to be labeled as a high-risk driver, but there are also other ways of entering this category. Coverage providers typically look at a variety of characteristics when determining rates, such as a person’s age, gender, marital status, garaging address, and the make and model of the vehicle being insured. This is because these details oftentimes help insurers to place motorists into categories based on various statistics. For example, young and inexperienced motorists are typically considered to be high-risk drivers because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers ranging from 16 to 19 are four times more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. Luckily for such motorists there are various ways to decrease coverage costs in the Palmetto State, and even companies that specialize in trying to provide cheap auto insurance in SC to high-risk or non-standard drivers.

SC Auto Insurance Laws and High Risk Drivers

Of South Carolina’s 3,268,498 licensed drivers (as of 2009) there are likely many of which who do not have perfect driving records and may have difficulty locating an insurer. At one point the state had in place a Reinsurance Facility designed to assist motorists that would otherwise be unable to secure a vehicle protection plan. Under the insurance laws dating from 1974 to 1999 residents were required to meet specific liability requirements and policy providers were not permitted to deny anyone coverage as long as they had a valid SD license and could pay the premium. According to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs these Automobile Insurance laws were altered because of various unpopular elements, and as of March 1st 1999 vehicle owners were not required to purchase coverage, but may choose to pay a $550 Uninsured Motorist Fee. Additionally, companies are permitted to deny residents coverage, except for certain reasons such as gender, race, or religion.

These alterations to SC insurance laws made it possible for coverage providers to become more competitive, and luckily for high-risk motorists, there are many insurers that find it profitable to insure non-standard drivers. Instead of paying the Uninsured Motorist fee, drivers are urged to instead shop around for a vehicle protection plan that both provides a sufficient amount of coverage and is also adequately priced. For quick and efficient research, residents are encouraged to complete an online quote comparison which is able to amass potentially dozens of estimates from many different companies in only a matter of minutes. While vehicle owners in the Palmetto State are now capable of being denied coverage, drivers should note that they can also utilize the many tools available over the internet to shop around for an affordable automobile policy.


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