North Dakota Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

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All motorists in North Dakota are required to purchase auto insurance, but some drivers may encounter higher rates. Every coverage provider in the Peace Garden State groups vehicle owners into different markets based on their level of risk. While motorists in the standard and preferred market may encounter lower prices, non-standard drivers will likely pay more for vehicle coverage because of their increased probability of filing a claim. While the non-standard market generally consists of motorists who have been in multiple accidents, there are additional reasons why an ND driver could become a higher risk motorist.

In 2010 there were over 487,000 licensed drivers in the Peace Garden State, and over 17,000 traffic accidents. Car collisions can result in expensive claims, which is why motorists with poor accident histories frequently encounter North Dakota automobile insurance rates that are higher than average. Being convicted of driving while under the influence can significantly increase a driver’s coverage costs because of statistical findings. For example, in 2010 more than 52 percent of motor vehicle fatalities involved alcohol.

Although motorists can enter the non-standard market for maintaining a poor driving history or for being convicted of multiple moving violations, some motorists may also be considered higher risk drivers before getting behind the wheel. Young and inexperienced drivers in the Peace Garden State are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident or file a claim than any other age group. For example, in 2010 teen accounted for over 20 percent of the total number of crashes, but made up only 6.4 percent of licensed drivers.

High Risk Auto Insurance Options in ND

In North Dakota it is against the law operate an automobile without adequate coverage. If convicted, drivers face a $150 fine and the possibility of license suspension. This means that even high risk drivers are required to purchase auto insurance. Finding an adequately priced plan in the non-standard market often involves extensive quote comparisons. One of the most efficient ways for drivers to evaluate estimates is to shop online. By using the Internet an ND driver could see dozens of same rates from a single website. Although the majority of insurers prefer to offer their services to drivers in the preferred and standard market, there are still others who specialize in insuring motorists in the non-standard market.

If a motorist is unable to find a willing insurer after shopping around, drivers may still be able to take advantage of the North Dakota Automobile Insurance Plan (NDAIP) to meet state coverage requirements. Through this program, a higher-risk motorist can be assigned an insurer. However, because drivers are not given the option of shopping around, they may end up paying a higher than average premium. Motorists are encouraged to avoid accidents and moving violations, and periodically shop around online for lower priced vehicle coverage. Although higher risk drivers typically encounter steeper insurance rates, motorists in the non-standard market can still shop around and take advantage of the various resources and programs that are available in the Peace Garden State.


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