Shopping for Car Insurance Discounts

Sale sign with stickersWhen people shop for vehicle coverage, they shouldn’t overlook the potential savings that can come from maximizing insurance discounts. Policy providers often look for ways to stay relevant in a competitive market, and one of the more common ways to do this involves advertising unique ways that policyholders can cut costs. Motorists can usually get reduced premiums for a number of reasons, so to get the best combination of special offers, drivers should shop around online and thoroughly explore all of their options.

Drivers can usually get discount car insurance by shopping around for the most affordable rates and then contacting several potential insurers directly to see what they can offer. To do this effectively, vehicle owners should go online, where dozens of estimates can be viewed at once. While shopping, people may be surprised to find out that there are countless savings available and that not all insurers offer the same combination of discounts.

It is common for motorists to find cheaper premiums for maintaining a good driving record for over three years, insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy, or for driving a car that is equipped with a security system. However, there are also many other reasons for a coverage provider to offer savings.

Unique Discounts for Auto Insurance

In some cases, vehicle owners may be able to have their insurance costs reduced for belonging to a specific club or organization. Students or policyholders with kids of legal driving age who are in college may be able to save by maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher. Keeping a low annual mileage or belonging to a car pool may also be reasons to qualify for savings. A select few companies may also provide a premium reduction of up to 10 percent for driving an alternative fuel vehicle or a hybrid/electric vehicle.

To help reduce the number of accidents and promote safer driving, many states have passed laws requiring companies to provide premium reductions for specific reasons. For example, the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance reminds residents 55 years of age and older that they can receive discounted premiums for completing one of the many highway traffic safety programs that are available throughout the state. Similar programs are available in other locations as well, and are generally targeted toward teenagers and older motorists.

Over time, the number and of type of discounts that are available are likely to change. For drivers to ensure that they continue to receive the lowest rates available, they should periodically check with their insurer to learn about new opportunities, and occasionally shop around for less expensive alternatives.


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