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Green dollar symbolThe affordability of an auto insurance policy is largely dependent on the motorist, since rates are based on the possibility that a vehicle owner will file a claim. When drivers have a poor driving record with a history of claims and moving violations, they’re usually placed in the nonstandard market and encounter steeper premiums. Careful drivers with clean records and favorable information can usually find the cheapest rates possible.

But even though prices are primarily based on driver risk, insurers still interpret these risks differently. For this reason, the cheap car insurance companies for one motorist may be different than for another. To get the lowest prices available, people should shop around and compare their options. Drivers have the option of contacting insurers directly to gather sample rates, but to make more efficient comparisons, vehicle owners may want to start their search on the Internet. Online resources allow people to evaluate dozens of estimates at once from a single website.

While making comparisons, it’s important for vehicle owners to also consider discounts. Individual insurers commonly offer rate reductions for a number of reasons. Drivers may find discounted premiums for belonging to a specific organization or for insuring a car that is equipped with advanced safety features. There is a wealth of reasons for coverage providers to offer special savings, but, to find the most applicable assortment of discounts, drivers need to shop around.

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies and Affordable Options

The cheapest insurer for a motorist in the nonstandard market is likely to be different than for a low-risk driver. Although most coverage providers favor individuals in the preferred and standard markets, there are also providers that specifically target higher-risk motorists. Finding these companies usually only requires a quick online search, but sometimes willing insurers may be more difficult to locate. If drivers can’t find vehicle protection on the voluntary market, they may want to investigate any programs available through the state.

Many residents are given the option of joining a placement program to meet state coverage requirements if they have been denied coverage on the open market. Although these programs do not generally give drivers the option of shopping around, they can help people meet financial responsibility requirements until a suitable alternative can be found. For example, The Ohio Department of Insurance gives residents the option of temporarily joining the Ohio Automobile Insurance Plan. Over time, motorists are encouraged to periodically shop online for an affordable replacement.

Individuals in need of cheap auto protection may also want to consider other cost-effective options provided by the state. For example, in New Jersey residents are given the option of purchasing either a basic or standard policy. While the basic plan offers less coverage than the latter, it is also provides lower prices. Because vehicle owners have so many options, it’s important make as many comparisons as possible to find an affordable insurer.


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