Auto Insurance Lessons from “The Simpsons” — Going Without Insurance

Posted on September 21, 2012

It was close to a quarter-century ago when “The Simpsons” first hit our boob tubes with the most hilarious high jinks a family of middle-class satirists could go through.

A little over 500 episodes later, we’ve all been made wiser (and more humorous) with countless lessons: don’t steal candy from a baby while armed (episode #128); don’t eat peppers grown in Guatemalan insane asylums (episode #162); and always submit your insurance payment on time (episode #431).

“How the Test Was Won”

The consequence of that last lesson: a high-wire act of keeping your uninsured self safe from accidents. Homer Simpson learned just as much in “How the Test Was Won,” an episode in which he arrives too late to Balloon Payment Boulevard (har har) to turn in the insurance payment due to his carrier, Blue Umbrella Insurance (har har again).
Spoofy digs about insurance kick off the episode, as Marge presses Homer to remember to turn in a payment to their insurer. Homer replies, “Absolutely, insurance is the greatest deal ever: if I get hurt, I get paid. And—man—do I get hurt!”

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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Payment Options

Posted on March 9, 2012

Pennsylvania flag in state shape

Pennsylvania law requires vehicle owners to purchase and maintain auto insurance to legally drive. Before buying a policy, however, drivers should explore their options and seek out the lowest rates available. A motorist’s driving record, motor vehicle description, desired coverage, and location can all play a significant role in how much coverage costs, but so can a motorist’s method of payment.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners estimates that the average expenditure in Pennsylvania was over $800 in 2008. Although low in comparison several other states, many motorists in the Keystone State are unable to pay for their policy in full, so they make installments. Making PA car insurance payments means that drivers can pay for their premium over a period of time, effectively reducing upfront costs.

Many coverage providers in the Keystone State allow residents to make installments on their vehicle coverage, but they also include small processing fees. These small charges can sometimes be as high as $10 a month. Although this is an initially small sum of money, over time these fees can significantly increase the overall price of a policy. If residents want to decrease their coverage costs, they may want to consider other payment options.

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Monthly Auto Insurance without a Down Payment

Posted on February 20, 2012

Calendar payment due

Vehicle coverage is necessary for many motorists, but purchasing an affordable policy may require some research. Making auto insurance installments can make it easier to pay for an expensive plan, and finding an insurer willing to provide coverage with no down payment can also lead to additional savings. One of the best ways to find one of these affordable options is to shop around online and make comparisons.

Individual coverage providers typically offer unique rates and different payment methods. Online comparisons can produce dozens of estimates and options for vehicle owners in need of adequately priced coverage. It is important for motorists to remember, however, that buying car insurance with no down payment still typically means that the policyholder must pay for their first month’s coverage upon signing.

One of the advantages to paying for vehicle coverage in installments is that the overall cost of the policy is spread out over the course of several months. This can help motorists better afford plans that include adequate levels of protection. However, payments are often accompanied by billing fees that can sometimes be as high as $10 a month. Although these additional costs are a seemingly small, there is the possibility that this extra amount can add up over time.

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Alternatives to No Down Payment Auto Insurance

Posted on January 26, 2012

Bills computer with money

Motorists often search for ways to cut coverage costs, and one commonly overlooked tactic involves adjusting how vehicle owner pay for policies. Buying auto insurance with little or no money down can offer some immediate savings by decreasing upfront costs, in addition to spreading out the overall price of a plan, but other methods may lead to lower prices over time. Choosing to make larger installments or paying for a plan in full can often lead to lowers prices and carry additional benefits that help motorists save money.

When a motorist buys car insurance with no down payment it generally means that they will only be charged for the first months coverage. After the initial purchase, additional installments are made on a monthly basis, effectively spreading out the overall cost of a plan. This can often help vehicle owners afford vehicle coverage that may have otherwise been unaffordable. Drivers should note, however, that when a motorist makes monthly installments, a small billing and processing fee is usually added to each transaction. These fees can sometimes be as high as $10 a month. While initially small, these added costs can add up over time.

To reducing the number of billing fees and overall coverage cost, a vehicle owner can often choose to make installments every 3 or 6 months. Although these payments are likely to be higher, they are also more infrequent and are accompanied by fewer transaction fees.

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New Mexico Auto Insurance Payment Methods

Posted on January 6, 2012

New Mexico state flag sticker

In New Mexico, motorists are expected to maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance while behind-the-wheel. Although driving while uninsured is not an option for many residents, motorists still have the ability to choose their insurer, as well as their payment method. How a motorist pays for their vehicle coverage can often impact the overall price of a policy, in addition to the upfront costs.

There are many different New Mexico auto insurance companies to choose from, and many offer policy payment methods that may be unique. Most commonly, drivers have the option of paying for a plan on a monthly or quarterly basis, or entirely upfront when the policy is purchased. Each method has its own advantages, and motorists are encouraged to consider all of the possibilities before settling on a single method.

When a New Mexico motorist pays for auto insurance on a monthly basis, they are distributing the overall price of a policy across the entire term. This can often make vehicle coverage more affordable for many people, but may also lead to a higher overall policy price. When a motorist makes an installment, it is usually accompanied by a billing or processing fee. This fee can sometimes be as high as $10.00 a month. Although initially a small sum, these additional fees can add up over time.

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