Fast Theft Facts for Fast Cars: How to Protect Your Sporty Vehicle

Posted on July 29, 2014

Thief with a robbery mask trying to steal an autobmobileIf you have one of those fast sporty cars that you’ve always wanted since childhood, know this:

Thieves want those cars too.

And thieves are especially good at swiping Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Challengers, which are the top 3 most-stolen “sporty” vehicles in the U.S., according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Here are the NICB’s top 10 most stolen sporty cars in the U.S.:

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Used Cars and Auto Insurance: Things to Consider before Making a Purchase

Posted on July 9, 2013

A car saleAccording to the National Automobile Dealers Association, used car prices remain relatively high, but the good news is prices may be coming down. In its latest guide on the used car industry, the monthly average price of used cars up to eight years in age dropped 2.1 percent in May, which is its largest monthly drop since October.

The reasons: “favorable credit conditions, relatively stable gasoline prices, rising consumer confidence, and rising home prices,” according to the June guide.

But before making a purchase, there are some considerations to make about how you’ll cover that used car with appropriate auto insurance.

How Much Is the Car Worth?

The first question to ask: How valuable is that used car? This will be an important factor in making your auto insurance decisions.

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The Three Stages of Auto Insurance Needs

Posted on May 16, 2012

One two three pyramidAs people drive down the road of life, they need auto insurance to cover their assets. But over time a person’s priorities change, and often the same policy won’t always offer the best protection. Consumers should review their policies on an annual basis, but, at the very least, there are three distinct moments when coverage needs drastically change, and drivers need to stop and shop for a new plan.

Young, First-Time Buyers: The first time that the thought of car coverage enters a person’s mind is when they get their license. Ambitions are high, assets are low, and the best insurance policy appears to be the cheapest one they can find. Unfortunately for teenagers and other inexperienced drivers, being young also translates into steeper rates. Producers base prices off of accident risk, and teens have a long history of taking unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, making automobile accidents the leading cause of death for youthful motorists in the U.S.

Many companies interpret risk differently, so by comparing car insurance policies it may be possible to find an affordable plan. Although it may be tempting to get the lowest amount of coverage necessary to legally drive, young drivers are urged to consider higher liability limits to adequately cover other people’s damages that they may cause.

Family-Friendly Motorists: When it comes time to settle down and start a family, a motorist’s priorities often take a drastic turn toward safety. Old junky cars are traded in for minivans and spacious sedans equipped with safety features designed to keep both driver and passengers safe from harm. Insurance needs change as well. Drivers start to consider purchasing umbrella policies and bumping up liability limits to better protect their assets, which are now more important than ever.

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Imagining a World without Automobile Insurance

Posted on May 14, 2012

Globe and question markAs automobile technology makes leaps and bounds forward, the number of car accidents and fatalities steadily declines. And with fewer claims being filed, the need for and price of auto insurance begins to decline as well. Over time, insurers may begin to experience a considerable decrease in revenue, which impacts the industry as a whole. This is the scenario proposed by Donald Light, a senior analyst for Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, a global consulting firm.

Light and thorough Celent research suggests that the steady decline of private and commercial auto insurance premiums (and consequently, industrywide revenue) begins with the introduction and implementation of four distinct technologies: telematics, collision avoidance, automated traffic enforcement, and robot cars. Three of these technologies have already made their way into the market and have begun improving driver safety nationwide.

Telematics is the creation and use of data regarding driver behavior that is stored in onboard devices and made available to coverage providers and other entities. This can include GPS devices, but the primary purpose of this technology has been to retrieve useful information after an accident to determine fault, and to track a motorist’s driving habits for pay-as-you-drive insurance policies. Automated traffic law enforcement, like red light cameras and speeding violation cameras, also helps to encourage safer driving. In conjunction with collision avoidance systems, cars in general are becoming significantly safer.

The final piece of technology in this scenario has only recently been introduced to the world. In 2012, autonomous automobiles—most famously, the Google Driverless Car—have begun making their way into the realm of possibility. Already Nevada is the first state to approve a license for a driverless motor vehicle. Celent suggests that if these technological trends continue at their current rate, accidents may be a thing of the past. With perfectly clean driving records, motorists in the future could easily get cheap car insurance online with minimal effort.

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Consider Insurance Costs When Buying a Car

Posted on May 2, 2012

Orange car in shopping cartYears of hard work and saving have finally made it possible to buy that brand new car. But before driving off in that shiny new sedan or SUV, there is one hidden cost that people should consider: the price of auto insurance. Almost every single motorist needs to be insured to legally drive, and the price of certain types of coverage are largely based on a person’s automobile.

When a policy provider rates a motorist, it takes into account the year, make, and model of the vehicle, which heavily influences the cost of comprehensive and collision coverage, though it will still have some effect on liability and personal injury protection coverage costs. Producers are often concerned with the price of the vehicle, as well as potential repair and replacement costs. Additionally, vehicles that have demonstrated a history of accidents or thefts are also likely to attract higher policy prices.

Luckily, there are steps that motorists can take to locate the cheapest auto insurance available before investing in a new car. One of the most effective ways that drivers can save money is to shop around and make quote comparisons before investing in a new automobile.

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