New Auto Theft Trends Target Gym Rats, Distracted Drivers

Posted on July 29, 2014

Hooligan smashing windshieldGym rats and distracted drivers should take notice: a recent report out of Michigan says that they are targets of new auto theft trends.

Although the number of stolen cars and carjackings in Michigan has dipped recently, “thieves are coming up with new ways to steal vehicles and target drivers,” according to Terri Miller, executive director of Help Eliminate Auto Thefts (H.E.A.T.).

New methods often involve criminals following their marks (aka drivers like you). Thieves will trail someone to their gym, then swipe their key from the key rack. Or they could tail a distracted driver, rear-end them, then make off with the vehicle when that driver exits it to review the damage.

The key to prevention? Awareness.

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Fast Theft Facts for Fast Cars: How to Protect Your Sporty Vehicle

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Thief with a robbery mask trying to steal an autobmobileIf you have one of those fast sporty cars that you’ve always wanted since childhood, know this:

Thieves want those cars too.

And thieves are especially good at swiping Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Challengers, which are the top 3 most-stolen “sporty” vehicles in the U.S., according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Here are the NICB’s top 10 most stolen sporty cars in the U.S.:

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Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places: Gangs, Ghosts, and Greeks on this Global Trip

Posted on November 25, 2013

World TrafficAuto insurance is commonplace: everyone needs it, most people have it, but not everyone talks about it. So it’s always a kick whenever the topic turns up in unlikely places.

Check out our previous articles on those unlikely places, when we touch on some oddball stories across the U.S. and on television and in video games.

In this entry, a review of recent topics that’ll take you across the globe as we talk Yakuza, ghosts, Greeks, and auto insurance.

Armed with Nonrenewal Clauses, Japanese Car Insurers Step into Mob Fight

An insurer nixes your policy, and tucked away in its notice are the typical euphemisms: Contract nonrenewal. Coverage exclusion. Coverage exclusion leading to contract nonrenewal.

In Japan, Yakuza mobsters have their own tidy euphemism, “anti-social elements,” as the notorious gangland-ers start getting auto coverage cancellation notices en masse.

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Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places: A Media Tour and Beyond

Posted on November 15, 2013

map-of-united-statesAuto insurance is commonplace: everyone needs it, most people have it, but not everyone talks about it. So it’s always a kick whenever the topic turns up in unlikely places.

Check out our previous article on those unlikely places.

In this entry, we’ll review recent topics that’ll take you from San Diego to Washington, D.C., and beyond, with auto insurers and industry groups even making news overseas.

Video Games Might Help Your Driving—or Make It Much Worse

Australian financial firm Mozo posted an interesting article that touched on Grand Theft Auto 5, the video game bestseller covered in our last entry.

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The Coming Cold: Car Insurance Reminders Before Icy Weather Hits

Posted on November 5, 2013

Winter overturned carAllstate Insurance warns: winter is coming (not in the Game-of-Thrones sense).

The insurer is telling you that your car needs a checkup before icy conditions spread across the U.S.

Those conditions may already be here, with Montana meteorologist Mike Rawlins predicting that scattered snow showers will come to Big Sky Country later this week.

So Online Auto Insurance (OAI) introduces this two-parter to help you review your insurance and maintenance needs before the coming cold takes hold.

Tune in Thursday for the second part of “The Coming Cold” that will contain reminders about car maintenance when icy weather hits.

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