The Three Stages of Auto Insurance Needs

One two three pyramidAs people drive down the road of life, they need auto insurance to cover their assets. But over time a person’s priorities change, and often the same policy won’t always offer the best protection. Consumers should review their policies on an annual basis, but, at the very least, there are three distinct moments when coverage needs drastically change, and drivers need to stop and shop for a new plan.

Young, First-Time Buyers: The first time that the thought of car coverage enters a person’s mind is when they get their license. Ambitions are high, assets are low, and the best insurance policy appears to be the cheapest one they can find. Unfortunately for teenagers and other inexperienced drivers, being young also translates into steeper rates. Producers base prices off of accident risk, and teens have a long history of taking unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, making automobile accidents the leading cause of death for youthful motorists in the U.S.

Many companies interpret risk differently, so by comparing car insurance policies it may be possible to find an affordable plan. Although it may be tempting to get the lowest amount of coverage necessary to legally drive, young drivers are urged to consider higher liability limits to adequately cover other people’s damages that they may cause.

Family-Friendly Motorists: When it comes time to settle down and start a family, a motorist’s priorities often take a drastic turn toward safety. Old junky cars are traded in for minivans and spacious sedans equipped with safety features designed to keep both driver and passengers safe from harm. Insurance needs change as well. Drivers start to consider purchasing umbrella policies and bumping up liability limits to better protect their assets, which are now more important than ever.

When looking for a new insurer, these shoppers should compare policies that include as much protection as possible for the lowest price. To offset the cost of more extensive protection, motorists can usually find discounts for insuring cars with advanced safety features or for belonging to certain auto clubs.

If they haven’t done so already, insured families also should merge separate auto policies into one in order to possibly save on coverage.

The Experienced Driver: Retirement and a home free of children ushers in a new set of auto insurance considerations for many people. These drivers are likely to have more assets that they need to adequately protect, but they also know what coverage they are looking for and frequently spend less time driving than younger motorists.

When shopping for coverage, drivers who are 55 and older can usually end up saving money by taking advantage of special discounts. Many states promote safer driving for mature drivers by offering rate reductions for taking a state-approved training course. They also can get discounts for having reduced mileage.


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