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Many people don’t know if, or when they will be involved an automobile accident, but motorists in Kentucky can still ready themselves for a variety of expenses that may follow a collision. In the Bluegrass State there are an estimated 2,939,423 licensed drivers as of 2009 and plenty of opportunities to be involved in a crash. Purchasing a sufficient amount of coverage could help residents avoid potentially expensive repairs that can be financially distressing and buying a policy with specific liability limits can help residents meets the state’s coverage requirements. Before making a purchase it is essential for vehicle owners to understand the risks associated with getting behind the wheel, and to buy enough automobile coverage to remain adequately protected.

In 2010 there were an estimated 150,987 collisions in the Bluegrass State, and many of those accidents resulted in vehicle damages and injuries. According to state law, buying auto insurance in Kentucky also means maintaining property damage and bodily injury liability. This coverage is required to legally drive, and pays for many different damages and injuries that may result from the policyholder’s own negligence. Usually the minimum limits of this coverage are set at 25/50/10 but drivers are strongly encouraged to buy a plan with a higher threshold to avoid potential out-of-pocket expenses after an accident. Often vehicle owners can increase these limits with only a slight price increase. But because there were an estimated 14,484 collisions in 2010 that resulted in property damage, motorists may want to consider buying additional protection as well.

Buy KY Insurance with Adequate Coverage

It is essential for motorists to meet the minimum coverage requirements before operating a motor vehicle, but these forms of auto insurance typically do not pay for damages done to a policyholder’s own vehicle. A KY resident who is interested in buying a plan may want to consider including additional comprehensive and collision coverage. The first portion of this protection typically pays for damages “other than collision” up to the limits of the policy. This could include damage from flooding, falling objects, fire, vandalism, wildlife, or theft. The second portion generally covers damages sustained from a collision with another automobile. There are many different options available to motorists, and to find the right combination at an adequate price, drivers are urged to make several different comparisons before making a purchase.

Automobile insurance in Kentucky can be complicated, but researching information provided by the state can help make No-Fault Coverage Uncovered by providing extensive details on how vehicle protection works in the Bluegrass State. After developing a better understanding, motorists may want to use the Internet to compare prices from multiple insurers at once. This can allow vehicle owners in KY to evaluate potential policy prices from several sources and choose a provider that is able to offer sufficient protection at a reasonable price. Typically the amount of effort that a person puts into shopping for a plan with the cheapest rates translates into a better the chances of finding a low priced policy.


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