An Auto Insurance Guide: Potholes More Common After Severe Winter

Posted on June 19, 2014

Pothole - Infrogmation of New OrleansThat harsh winter that hit parts of the U.S. is months gone, but it left something for drivers: potholes.

In April, a New York Times article named the winter “onslaught this year” as the reason for “pockmarked lunar landscapes rarely seen” in the Empire State.

If you’re an unfortunate motorist who’s driven into one of those pockmarks/potholes, you could be looking at bills for new tires, rims, an insurance deductible, and more.

But you’re not alone. It’s a familiar issue this time of year for drivers from Michigan to Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

A Coverage Walkthrough

Typically, you’ll address pothole-related vehicle damage with the collision coverage portion of your auto insurance policy.

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The NBA & NHL Finals: A City vs. City Look at Auto Insurance Costs

Posted on June 17, 2014

The 'Finals' WordThe past weekend was a big one for sports. After closing out their rivals in the NBA and NHL finals, the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Kings returned home as champions.

So what’s home look like when it comes to auto insurance costs?

Here’s a look how both cities — and their rival cities — stack up when it comes to car insurance costs.

Using the latest reports on “America’s Best Drivers” (from Allstate) and the most expensive and cheapest cities for auto insurance (from Runzheimer International), we’ve found some similarities (and differences, too) between car coverage prices and how the finals unfolded for those cities.

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Lock Up Before, Sober Up After Partying It Up on New Year’s

Posted on December 30, 2013

calendar-with-payment-date New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve are lucrative for car thieves — and a bummer for those partiers who find their ride gone.

Drunk drivers who get behind the wheel can also expect a bummer of a time, whether it’s because of the accident they might get into or the cop that’ll likely pull them over.

So before turning that last calendar page on 2013, drivers everywhere should heed some theft prevention and sober driving tips, as well as some insurance protection advice about car thefts and drunk driving.

New Year’s Day, Eve Are Peak Days for Car Thefts

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) compiles an annual list of holiday thefts, ranking the number of thefts that occur on each holiday of the year. The reports highlight a trend for car thieves: They are out in full force during New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve

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Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places (for the Holidays): iPhones You Can Eat and Holiday Spirits that Overstay

Posted on December 17, 2013

Christmas driver

There is a whole lot of holiday trickery beyond (spoiler alert, kids/late-blooming adults) the mythology of Santa Claus.

Drivers caught unaware of less obvious holiday tricks can land in cold car insurance waters.

In this entry of Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places, a review of when glad tidings go bad (and what it means in terms of auto coverage) for any holiday imbiber who thinks that one night’s sleep means a sober morning and a jokester whose behind-the-wheel cookie joke goes stale with a cop.

Study: Hair of (Last Night’s) Dog Still Bites

There are some cases where the holiday spirit stays longer than invited (aside from that drunk uncle).

A study from researchers in the United Kingdom warns unknowing drinkers that alcohol can stay in the body for longer than expected. And with the holiday spirit(s) still strong in nighttime-drinkers-turned-early-morning-drivers, Fleet News reported that cheer should be conducted with some caution.

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Auto Insurance in Unlikely (and Unsavory) Places

Posted on December 3, 2013

Vomiting manAuto insurance is commonplace: everyone needs it, most people have it, but not everyone talks about it. So it’s always a kick whenever the topic turns up in unlikely places.

Check out our previous articles on those unlikely places, when we touch on some oddball, auto insurance-related stories across the U.S., around the globe and on television and in video games.

In this entry, we review instances where the commonplace topic of auto insurance is invoked in unsavory situations.

Progressive Comes Through in Unsavory Situation

A change of location can be hard. For one carjacking victim, it was literally hell on wheels.

WTVM reported from Columbus, Ga., where new resident Richard Dudley was taken for an early-morning joyride (minus the joy, add some terror) in his Chrysler 300.

According to police, 21-year-old gunman Boris Norris demanded that Dudley drive him around looking for an ATM. Norris eventually made off with Dudley’s money, but crashed the victim’s vehicle “doing 80 miles per hour.”

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